Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Assalamu Alaikum

These are the days of judgement; but not our judgement with Allah, but judgement with fellow human beings.
These are the day's when people are judged through who one's parents are, and if one is not to the level of being as deeni as one's parents, well not only is one judged, but the parents fall into the cross fire too. ' He/she must not have bought up their kids properly...' is the most popular one. Never mind that the offspring cover up, keep out of the eye of the public and generally be as normal as everyone else....judgement after judgement.

These are the days when one is judged through 'education', whether one has a piece of paper confirming some kind of degree, or the title of an aalim or aalima, or just someone who's name people have branded and made 'big.'

These are the days when a simple person with a simple income and a simple house and a good character; to look aside and forget when someone commits a wrong against them, is ignored in favour of a another person just as pious, but with more material wealth.

These are the days when Money and looks are the most important things to people, and these are the days when those who strive for the deen and keep a low profile and yet are simple are brushed aside for a striver of the deen with deeper pockets.

These are the days when people enjoy not worshipping Allah and being a good fellow Muslim to fellow brothers & sisters, but enjoy backbiting, slandering and judging.

These are the days in which i wish i was born in another era, where people loved each other and looked out for one another.
None of us are perfect. We all have faults. We all have traits, and after a certain age these are faults and traits that do not reflect on one's parents, but on oneself. Yet, as long as we have an intention to change those faults of ours, no one but Allah has the right to judge us.
Before judging others, lets judge ourselves. At the day of judgement, YOU won't be asked about ME, and I won't be asked about YOU, but we will be asked about OURSELVES.

Wa'alaikum as salam Wa Rahmatullah

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