Thursday, 10 September 2009

Yvonne Ridley on BNP protest tomorrow

Sister Yvonne Ridley gave clear warning to attendees of the protest, via her Facebook profile:

TO EVERYONE going to Harrow Mosque on Friday - be very careful you are not wound up and lured into a trap. There were all sorts of shenanighans [sic] going on during the Bradford riots, but who was arrested? The BNP, the anti Nazi protestors [sic]? Nope, young Muslim men who ended up being sent down for four years.

There's a lot of hype and spin being created by muck stirrers who couldn't g[i]ve a stuff about silencing the BNP but would like to see lots of young Muslims being arrested. Please do not allow yourselves to be led blindly into a situation where you will be set up and compromised. There's going to be a lot of nasty people turning out at Harrow with a whole mixed bag of agendas.

The bad people will not only be the gorillas with knuckles trailing on the ground and wearing England T shirts. Watch out for the 'voices' right at the back goading and inciting those who are pushed to the front. They might seem to be on your side, but when the going gets tough they will scarper out of every copper's reach.

The Bradford youth were hauled before a nasty piece of work called Judge Gillick who thought he was running an Apartheid court in Jo'berg. Collective responsibility was the order of the day and long prison sentences were handed out to those who just turned up to protest.

Please pass on.

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